Green Energy - General Background

In recent years, we have seen the significant development of the green economy, especially the development of the renewable energy industry. The reason is because many regulators around the world are encouraging the growth of green trends through different benefits, as part of a new social outlook that calls for environmental responsibility, among other things, by integrating green energy in the electricity production system.

The State of Israel has also set advanced goals to integrate electricity produced through photovoltaic systems. In accordance with the government's decision, the IEC is obligated, subject to the required criteria and according to a long term agreement, to purchase the produced electricity from the system owner at a preferential tariff higher than the standard consumer tariff, which offsets the cost of establishing the system. In light of this, many systems have been connected to the electricity grid in Israel, and the production of electricity through photovoltaic systems is soaring and is at a steady growth.

The photovoltaic system, or as it is more widely known - the solar system, is actually a system that absorbs the sun's rays and, using innovative technology, turns them into electrical energy - utilizing sunlight and converting it to electricity. The meaning of photovoltaic is the combination of the word "photo" which means light, and "volt" which is a unit used to measure electrical power.

The production of solar energy is a process of generating energy to create electricity from the sun's radiation.

The photovoltaic system can be installed on the rooftops of industrial structures, educational institutes, offices, barns, chicken coops, and there are also ground-based systems.

The main component of the photovoltaic system is the solar panels, which are composed of a number of photovoltaic (PV) cells. The cells are made of partially conductive material, mostly silicon. Photovoltaic technology is based on these unique cells, which convert sunlight into a type of electrical power called direct voltage (DC). In all of the systems, converters are installed which convert the direct voltage (DC) produced in the panels to a different kind of current (AC), the existing current in the electrical grid, and are thus entered into the array.