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Off-Bank is the Best: Eli Lahav and Ilik Rozanski Want to Get Into Finance,7340,L-3649846,00.html

Eli Lahav Seeks to Acquire Control of Intercolony for 21M NIS

Eli Lahav Acquires Control of S.R Overseas from Shlomo Schmeltzer for 37.6 Million NIS

Eli Lahav to Build Industrial Project in Germany,7340,L-3622217,00.html

Lahav L.R Profits are 13.4 Million NIS in 2012,7340,L-3599072,00.html

LR Acquires Shopping Center in Dortmund Germany for 36 Million NIS,7340,L-3583795,00.html

Lahav L.R: Profit of 16 Million NIS for a Building in Only 4 Months,7340,L-3570866,00.html

S.R Overseas Acquires Property in Germany for 5.3 Million Euro,7340,L-3556426,00.html

Ilik Rozanski and Eli Lahav Acquire Another Property in Germany,7340,L-3554796,00.html

Eli Lahav: "Ilik Rozanski and I will be a winning combination",7340,L-3522554,00.html