Controlling Shareholders and Senior Officers

Eliezer Lahav, Chairman
Eliezer Lahav is a businessman who grew from the retail sector in Israel. Eliezer Lahav holds (though Hagit and Eli Investments Ltd., a company jointly owned by him and his wife, Hagit Lahav) 55% of the share capital of Lahav L.R. In addition to his activity at Lahav L.R, Eliezer Lahav owns various real estate businesses in Israel, including inter alia, ownership of half of the rights of "Grand Canyon Beer Sheba" - one of the largest malls built in Israel.
Hillel (Ilik) Rozanski, Acting Vice Chairman
Hillel holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration, has managed real estate companies in Israel and England for over 15 years, and has extensive experience in the capital markets and real estate in these countries. He was one of the founders of "Alon", has managed projects in the Ministry of Transportation, and has managed Delek Real Estate Ltd. for over 10 years. Hillel Rozanski indirectly holds (together with his wife, Ariella Rozanski) 20% of the share capital of Lahav L.R.
Chava Zamir Toaff - Attorney, CEO
Hava holds a BA and MA in law and is a licensed attorney since 1993. She has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in real estate in Israel and abroad, on a variety of aspects. In the past, she served as legal advisor in the legal counsel of the Corporate Banking Division of Bank Hapoalim as a partner in the law firm, and as a legal advisor and Deputy CEO of Delek Real Estate Ltd. Hava Zamir indirectly holds 5% of the share capital of Lahav L.R.
Shlomo Fadida - CPA, CFO
Shlomo holds a BA in Economics, majoring in Accounting, and is a licensed accountant since 1991. He has over two decades of experience in the finance and risk management sector, among others, as a partner in an accounting firm and as a director in different companies from the Lahav group.