Company Profile

Lahav L.R Ltd. (hereinafter - "Lahav L.R") is a public company listed in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange that engages, directly and through corporations it holds, in two areas of activity: real estate investment (which is the Company's main area of activity) and renewable green energy.

The policy of Lahav L.R concerning the purchase of real estate assets for investment is to locate assets located in attractive locations, as much as possible, to long-term tenants with stable finances, as much as possible.

As of the beginning of 2012, Lahav L.R made a strategic decision to integrate in the green energy industry in Israel while recognizing the great financial potential in the industry. Since then, the Company has been active in the green energy industry in Israel, with an emphasis on solar energy. The Company's activity in the energy industry is concentrated under Lahav Green Mountains Ltd., a wholly owned private subsidiary of the Company.